Why Syndicate

Our syndicate structures make perfect sense for many people.  For the cost of a hot hatch you can keep you current daily driver AND own a Porsche 911 Carrera.  If you're short on garage space or realise that you won't be driving a Porsche every day of the week, Cliff To Coast Porsche Syndicates give you the best of both worlds.  The reality for most Porsche owners is that their beautiful car spends most of the life in the garage.  Our syndicates allow like minded owners a way to maximise the enjoyment of their Porsche without compromising other pursuits.  For those dipping their toe into the Porsche ownership world, we offer a safe and knowledgeable entry point, taking away much of the fear and concern of any exotic vehicle purchase.  Fancy a historic Carrera, a new Cayman, fun Boxster or a GT3 track car?  No problems.  We provide expert advice in choosing a Porsche (whether new or classic), experience in choosing an appropriate mechanic for servicing and a secure facility to house and maintain your Porsche.  We've purchased a fleet of our own vehicles and understand what it takes to keep a Porsche in the best condition, ensuring maximum resale value.  

Five Reasons To Syndicate with Cliff To Coast

1:   1/4 of the capital requirements, allowing you to own the Porsche of your dreams while keeping the accountant happy.

2:   Doorstep delivery - we float your Porsche to your home, allowing you to hop in and drive, then return and walk away.  No maintenance, cleaning, garaging.  You enjoy your Porsche and we take care of the rest.

3:  Professional advice and experience in both purchasing and maintenance of Porsches.  You can benefit from our experience in purchasing and maintaining a fleet of Porsches 911's, Boxster and Cayenne.

4:  A proven legal structure (unit trust with a corporate trustee) provides separation between us and your Porsche.  In this manner your capital is secured in the Porsche and is then returned at the conclusion of the syndicate scheme (typically three years).

5:   Your unit share in the Porsche is saleable on the open market and we offer a 'bail out' option, giving you an exit should life circumstances change dramatically. 


Syndicate - that's like a Porsche time share right?

The short answer is no.  A 'time share' or 'car club' structure features the vehicle/s owned by a separate company and then shared by the timeshare/club members.  Often such schemes involve an initial membership fee and ongoing rental/points payments.  Participants in such schemes have no ownership of the asset - they are simply paying for time and access to the vehicle.  While such schemes have their merits we believe their shortcomings have been exposed over the last decade.  A syndicate ownership offers the following key differences:

(a) You legally own a 1/4 share in the vehicle, which is able to be sold on the open market (and we offer an emergency buy back plan should you need to exit the syndicate in a hurry).  The unit trust has one asset and four unit holders - it's a completely stable entity.

(b) We have no stake in the vehicle - we simply assist in purchasing, maintaining and delivering the Porsche to your door.  This means your capital is secured in the Porsche, it can't be dissolved/collapsed/sold by us or anyone else. 

(c) All four owners/drivers have significant financial interest in the Porsche, meaning the vehicle is driven and cared for in a much more sympathetic manner than in a time share/club scheme.

(d) At the conclusion of the fixed term (usually three years) the vehicle is sold and you get your share of the capital back.

We believe these key benefits offer a much greater degree of security in shared ownership.  In fact, owners enjoy all the benefits of single ownership without the costs.  We are here to provide expert advice, maintenance and storage, meaning the Porsche looks its best and achieves maximum resale when the syndicate term is complete.


Trust - it's important.

Most of you reading this page and considering syndicate ownership will have driven with us.  You will have seen how we keep our fleet and have gained an understanding of how we operate.  We know Porsches, we know how to find good examples and keep them in good condition.  Aside from having complete legal protection, via a unit trust with a corporate trustee, you will be working with that most important factor - a trustworthy team.  We see syndicates as an opportunity to share our love of Porsches with more people.  It offers a step up from drive days, without taking the complete plunge of individual ownership.

Call us today to discover how you can get into the Porsche of your dreams sooner than you think.



Cliff To Coast Porsche Syndicates - Porsche Ownership Made Perfect.