Cliff To Coast Syndicates

Dreamt of owning a Porsche?  Imagine walking out your door in the morning, your Porsche keys in hand, starting the engine and taking off for the weekend.  Trips away, early morning drives, coastal cruises, lunch in the vineyards, romantic dinners - Porsche heaven.    Our Porsche syndicates offer you the opportunity to do this, at a fraction of the usual cost, allowing you to get into the Porsche of you dreams today.

The reality of Porsche ownership for most is that having worked hard for a long time and rewarded themselves with a beautiful Porsche, owners find it spends most of its time tucked away in the garage.  Lets face it, for must of us a Porsche is a treat to be enjoyed at special times, not used for the daily work commute or shopping/school run.  Why pay for all of the Porsche, all of the maintenance and all of the running costs when you're only likely to put somewhere in the vicinity of 5000kms on the vehicle over a year?  It makes far greater sense to share in the ownership of a Porsche, with a maximum of three other owners, allowing you the freedom to own a Porsche AND keep the bank manager happy.

Key Features

  • A maximum of four unit holders/owners, with each owner having a significant financial stake in the Porsche
  • Only the four owners (and service technicians) to drive the Porsche, with logbook records kept
  • Doorstep Delivery - allowing you to drive away at your convenience
  • Legal title and separation via unit trust with a corporate trustee, meaning capital is secured in the vehicle
  • Access to a professional buying service and maintenance team
  • 1/4 of the capital and running costs, with access to 84 days and 7000km per year.
  • At the conclusion of the three year term, capital is released back to you on the sale of the Porsche


Our Porsche syndicates allow you to own a Porsche at a fraction of the usual price and with greater convenience.  Our syndicates are formed as a unit trust, with a  corporate trustee and a maximum of four approved owners, meaning your capital is secured in the Porsche.  You get the use of your Porsche for 84 days and 7000 kilometres per year, with your Porsche being delivered to your doorstep (via float) on the mornings you choose.  You simply walk out the door with your set of keys, hop in and drive away.  When you've finished your day/week/month in your Porsche, we come back, pick it up and bring it back to our base for detailing and storage, ready for the next owner's use.  At the completion of the three year ownership term, the Porsche is sold and you get your share of the proceeds back.  One quarter of the capital invested, one quarter of the running costs and 100% of the driving pleasure.  A Cliff To Coast Syndicate is, quite simply, the best way to own the Porsche of your dreams. 

Cliff To Coast Porsche Syndicates - Porsche Ownership Made Perfect.