Buying Service

Over the past few years we've purchased (and sold) a number of Porsches.  This, combined with fifteen years of prior personal experience, allows us to offer a buying service to assist you in finding the Porsche of your dreams.  Whether it's an air cooled classic or a modern water cooled example, we offer a depth of experience, running cost examples and industry contacts that will ensure you get a suitable example of Porsche for enjoyment.

We offer a range of services, from an informative discussion over a cup of tea/cofffee to a complete buying service including finding a suitable example, paint and mechanical inspections.  Given the sums involved in purchasing a Porsche, the prime consideration is to ensure you obtain a good example, that will reward you for years to come.  Over the past two years, we've helped a dozen people to find the Porsche of their dreams, through narrowing of the search process and ensuring they don't get stuck with someone else's nightmare.

Levels of service

  • A friendly chat - we're happy to talk Porsches.  Visit us for a Porsche drive down the coast to a suitable coffee shop for a leisurely conversation.  At the very least, you'll narrow your search window, enjoy a Porsche experience and a great morning tea.  $135
  • Professional Consultation - a more in depth discussion of your desires, prior ownership experience and the range of running costs/expenses likely for your particular Porsche.  This will give you an insight into characteristics of suitable variants, their 'problem area' (even Porsches have them) and how to fix or avoid these problems from the outset.  Once you've found a suitable example we'll assist you with phone support to ensure you don't miss anything obvious on inspection.   Price - $220
  • Complete Buying Service - this includes an initial Professional Consultation, followed by continual support until the desired vehicle is found.  We will assist you in narrowing your range of interest, through experiencing a range of Porsches.  We'll then perform all of the initial enquiries and inspections (with or without you as preferred).  Experience shows us that approximately 80% of Porsches can be rejected before an actual visual inspection is made.  Once a shortlist has been made, or a suitable candidate found, we'll conduct a visual inspection, driving test and, should the vehicle qualify, organise a mechanical inspection and paint inspection by experts in the field.   Price $1650

We've employed these practices successfully, both for ourselves and clients and we're yet to have anyone end up with a poor example.  References are available on request.  Call us today to get your Porsche journey started.