Porsche 911 - Track Day

Can you imagine driving a lightweight Porsche 911, on the track?  It is an experience like no other.   You can enjoy our purpose built track - spec Porsche 911 to its limits without having to be concerned about other road users or speed limits.  In keeping with our philosophy, this is not a token couple of laps for giggles - you will be taught how to drive a race specification Porsche 911, on a race circuit, by a professional race instructor for a at least  30 laps.  If you've tried a '5 laps' supercar package or similar, you will know that 5 laps is simply not enough, which is why our packages start at 30 laps.  This is a genuine track experience that will satisfy the most hardened car enthusiasts.

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!! for everything today - Josh had an awesome time today. Apparently best birthday present ever. (which for him is a huge compliment - he is impossible). Thanks again - a really great day, well run and great atmosphere"

“Outside open wheel race cars, its rare to drive a car that is so well connected to the road and that provides such direct feedback to the driver. Highly recommended for anyone from a Porsche lover with no track experience, through to more experienced drivers looking for something challenging and different.” - Peter Paddon, 3-time Radical Australia Cup Champion

Porsche 911 track day with private tuition

Following a familiarisation drive, participants may participate in a track day in our lightweight Porsche 911.  Our  Porsche track day includes either a 30 lap (minimum) half day  or 50 lap (minimum) full day  at Wakefield Park circuit with your own private instructor.  Your track experience will be split into 10 lap sessions allowing you to drive, discuss your lines and braking points, cool down and then drive again.   This is not a 'taste' nor a defensive driving course - it's a genuine track day.  You will be taught how to drive a race specification Porsche 911 on a race circuit.  

30 Lap Track Experience

3 times 10 lap sessions (minimum), drinks and refreshments, private tuition, track specification Porsche 911, return transport to/from our base, fuel and vehicle support.   Morning and Afternoon sessions available.  This product includes access to the track for an entire day so if you choose to drive your own vehicle down you have the option of driving it on track for the remainder of the day after your Porsche 911 tuition.

Price - $1495

Full Day Track Experience

For a day you will never forget.  5 times 10 lap sessions (minimum - it’s likely you will get 6), snacks, drinks, lunch, private tuition, track specification Porsche 911, transport to/from our base, fuel and vehicle support.  Fifty laps of Wakefield park in a Porsche 911 is a deliriously wonderful experience that few are lucky enough to enjoy!  8:30 am to 4:30pm.

Price - $2200


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Our track Porsche 911

Everything you need.....and nothing you don't.

Everything you need.....and nothing you don't.

Following our company ethos of purity, we've sourced a left hand drive (this is the original Porsche 911 design specification offering a more pure experience) air cooled Porsche 911 that is in perfect track readiness.  Our race-spec Porsche 911 features upgraded brakes, lightened body (to a wet weight of just over 1000kg including a full cage), Recaro seats and harness, a short shifter and a 3.0 litre engine - this is the essence of Porsche 911 with none of the electronic nannies to be found in modern road cars.  Every input, whether it be the right or wrong one, will be honestly acted on by our Porsche - which is what makes it such a wonderful antidote to modern sanitised vehicles.  Driving a Porsche 911 such as this for track days is a unique and thrilling experience that is simply unmatched.  Our track days give you an opportunity to really enjoy the car - we don't believe a 10 minute experience does much so our minimum track day experience is 30 laps (1/2 day).  

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Familiarisation Drive

We offer a familiarisation drive which takes in selected roads in our local region (or in the region surrounding Wakefield Park).   Our track specification Porsche 911 is completely stripped and consists of only the bare essentials - two seats, a cage, two harnesses, engine, gearbox and driver.  Driving such a Porsche is not to be taken lightly and it's essential that a level of familiarity is gained prior to a track day.  To hop into a 911 and take in all of the changes, while on track, would be a waste of both time and money so we recommend a short familiarisation drive prior to your day.  Note that our air cooled track 911 has no traction control, no airbags, no stability control.  Just you, the Porsche and the track.  Depending on your prior level of Porsche experience, you will be required to complete one of the below private familiarisation drives before a track day.  

Option 1 - for those with air cooled Porsche 911 experience

 $190- 1 hour   

Note that this familiarisation drive can be taken in conjunction/sequence with your track day, on roads in the region of Wakefield park or in our region of the Royal National Park on a separate day.  This price and duration is available to previous guests who have completed a full or half day tour in our road based Porsche 911's.

Option 2 - for first time Porsche drivers

$495   - 3 hours  

If you've not driven an air cooled Porsche previously, it will take a little longer to become familiar with the particular handling traits of a lightweight 911.  This familiarisation drive can be taken in the vicinity of Wakefield Park, on the day of your track experience or on a separate day in the region of the Royal National Park.

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2019 dates

We are pleased to release the following days for track sessions.  Note that we have limited places available on these days so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.   Note that additional custom private dates to those listed below are available, however a surcharge shall apply to these additional dates (call or email us directly should the dates below not be suitable).

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Jan - 12 (full), 23

Feb - 6, 11, 16

Mar - 3, 18

Apr - 3, 8, 20

May - 12, 22

June - 5, 16, 17

July - 1, 14, 24

Aug - 4, 18, 26

Sept - 5, 20

Oct - 3, 14, 30

Nov - 13, 25

Dec - 13, 14,

Invitation Only Days

For clients that have completed track days with us previously, we offer invitation only days that give you opportunities to enjoy less public sessions in secluded locations.  These days are truly special and will provide you with memories that last forever.  You will recognise locations such as these from various magazines and video/advertising footage you may have seen - now you have an opportunity to experience them for yourself.