Syndicates Available

Porsche Only?

Some clients have asked if we would consider a syndicate that was not Porsche based.  The general answer to this is that we would, so long as the syndicate owners presented as a complete group and they had sufficient expertise to purchase a good example of their desired vehicle.  We know how to source, maintain and run a quality Porsche based syndicate and this is where we choose to operate.  We don't claim such expertise with Bentley, Ferrari etc so if you'd like to be involved in a syndicate with those marques, you'll need to have a bit more understanding of which particular series and variant you're interested in.

We are now taking applications for the below Porsches.

Indicative Models and Purchase Costs

Porsche 911 Carrera, 997 Series   $30000 - $40000 per unit

Porsche Boxster S, 997 Series      $12000 - $15000 per unit

Porsche 911 Carrera 993 Series    $30000 - $40000 per unit

Porsche 911 Carrera (G Series)      $30000 - $40000 per unit

New Porsche 911 Carrera               from $55000 per unit

New Porsche Boxster                     from $29000 per unit

New Porsche Cayman                    from $29500 per unit


If you examine those prices, consider the three year depreciation and running costs, then consider you get to drive the car for 84 days every year, syndicate ownership becomes a compelling financial proposition. 

Call us today to place your holding deposit via application on any of the above vehicles. The first two unit purchases for each vehicle will receive, as a bonus:

(a) 5 extra days of usage per year (taking your ownership experience to 89 days per year)

(b) A free half day Porsche Tour for two with us - driving a selection of hand picked Porsches on iconic roads. 

(c) The ability to elect suitable options (new Porsches only)


Call us Today on 1300 991 181 to discuss your application and deposit.