Our Philosophy - Passion First

Our story began, and continues, with a love of driving beautiful Porsches.  We've owned our 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 for some 17 years and have spent countless hours enjoying the back roads of the southern highlands and south coast of Sydney in it. It was the car that provided the inspiration for the business.  Sitting in traffic on busy boulevards is not our thing.   We enjoy the sensation and sound that only a Porsche, being enjoyed in a manner its maker intended, has to offer.  Having some of the country's best scenery and roads right in our backyard has allowed us to indulge in this passion.   

For a touch over five years we have operated a commercial drive day operation, consisting of modern high performance Porsches and classic Porsches.  It is intense, fun, and we have met many wonderful people (a surprising number of whom also share our love of Landrovers but that’s another story).  In short, no matter how much fun driving Porsches is (and it's a stack of fun), when you're doing it, you really want to have a bit of space and clear road around you. This desire, coupled with increased traffic volumes in our local area, has helped us make the decision to offer private road tours with a strong emphasis on weekday driving. There’s just no point in driving such a fine vehicle in traffic and given the increasing popularity of our local roads on weekends, our decision to offer road tours on weekdays means we are able to continue to give our guests the real experience.

We're now focused, more than ever on offering driving experiences that allow our guests to drive our Porsches in an ideal environment where we can be assured of optimal conditions at any given time (whether that be on track or on road)! Put simply, we feel this is a special experience that is worth experiencing in the best manner possible.  Similarly, we only partner with those professionals who share our passion (Jayson Fong Photography, Andreas Trauttmansdorff Video) and find our guests generally share our passion too. We hope to see you soon - it’s an experience of worth sharing!