Our Philosophy - Passion First

Our story began, and continues, with a love of driving beautiful Porsches on great roads.  We've owned our 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 for some 17 years and have spent countless hours enjoying the back roads of the southern highlands and south coast of Sydney.  Sitting in traffic on busy boulevards is not our thing.   We enjoy the sensation and sound that only a real air cooled Porsche, being driven on real roads has to offer.  Having some of the country's best scenery and roads right in our backyard, is, of course, a wonderful landscape to enjoy our classic Porsche fleet on.   

For two years we operated a commercial drive day operation, consisting of modern high performance Porsches and a few classic Porsches.  It was intense, it was fun, and ultimately we fell out of love with modern Porsches.  In short, no matter how much fun driving Porsches is (and it's a stack of fun), when you're doing it in modern Porsches all week, you can't help but lose a bit of the love.  And that would be insane.  So we've moved away from modern Porsches and dealerships, sold our modern Porsche fleet, expanded our air cooled Porsche fleet and followed our heart and passion.    We only partner with those professionals who share our passion (Jayson Fong Photography, Andreas Trauttmansdorff Video) and find our guests generally share our passion too.

Now we're back doing what we started doing - driving classic Porsches on wonderful roads.  Take a classic Porsche, add perfect roads, fine food, coffee and wine and you've got a day to remember on that special occasion.  It's a privilege to be able to share this with those who appreciate the finer things.

Join us for a hand picked route, in the finest sports cars ever made - a day to remember.