Rennsport 2016 - Sydney

After two days of coming back down to earth we can safely say that Rennsport 2016 was the most amazing experience we're likely to have for some time (probably until the next Rennsport).  It was our first time putting our track spec Porsche 911 on the track at a national level event and this, in itself, was a fantastic experience.  To top it all off we were fortunate enough to be in the first pit lane garage, putting us right next door to the Porsche Museum vehicles (Jacky Ickx 935 anyone?) and on the nose of the start for the Carrera Cup races.

We thought we loved air cooled Porsches prior to this event and we can now resolutely confirm this.  To see so many wonderful Porsches, many of which were 40, 50, 60 years old and being thrown around the track with abandon is to realise what wonderful and durable machines they are.  To see a large portion of them then driven home at the end of the day is just astounding.  I'd like to think that today's GT3's will be able to enjoyed like this in 50 years time but I do wonder if it's possible.  I have far more confidence that the historic 911's and 356's that we rubbed shoulders with on the track will still be doing the same in 50 years.

If you're a lover of all things Porsche and missed out on this one - make sure you get to the next.  It's truly a magic weekend (with plenty of provision for all members of the family).