Air Cooled Only....

It's been a hectic month here and we've taken a whole new direction.  After a wonderful two years of driving Porsche 911's all around the countryside we've decided to change gears down a notch.  We've met some wonderful people, made some great friends and had the opportunity to really drive a great bunch of cars.  In the end we had to make a decision between going more corporate, hiring drivers and managing a business OR driving for fun.  It became apparent that we couldn't do both forever as volumes grew.

So, we chose driving for fun.  That meant saying goodbye to our water cooled fleet, as the focus now is on what we like doing for fun and that means air cooled driving only.  We'll likely have the cars on the road for a small handful of days per month and special occasion weekends, which will keep it extra sweet.  With a nod to history we're currently looking into a couple of early 60's Karmann Ghias - which should complement our air cooled fleet nicely.  If classics/air cooled is your thing - we're here for you, albeit in a different form.

See you on the road!