A new offering for 2016 - Weekend Porsche Tours

We hope everyone's enjoyed their Christmas and New Year Break.  We're back with a new offering for 2016 - Porsche Weekend Tours.  Following several requests we will be offering weekend touring packages throughout 2016.  These packages will be all inclusive of Porsche driving, accommodation, meals and refreshments.  We have selected a small group of premium locations to reside (Berry, Australian Alps, Blue Mountains) that also offer fantastic driving, dining and sightseeing options.

The beauty of our weekend tours is that they will offer something for everyone.  Following a departure on Friday afternoon we'll be cruising to our destination via back winding roads.  Dinner and drinks will follow with like minded souls.  Across the weekend, participants will be able to choose from driving, dining, shopping, golf, day spas etc as they pleaseThis will allow everyone to enjoy exactly the type of weekend they wish, either in company or a more private experience.

Our weekend tours will be offered to a selection of our previous guests only, via email notification.  These days will not be made available via online booking nor distributor channels.  This allows us to keep the numbers to a nice level and also ensures we have a fantastic group of people to enjoy the weekend with.

Keep an eye on your emails for the first offering, which will be made in the coming weeks.