Our track day/targa 911...the journey begins.

As followers of our Facebook page would be aware, we've recently acquired a lightweight Porsche 911 for the purpose of track days and targa events.  We thought it would be nice to post some details about the car, both as a way of documenting the 911's continuing diet, improvements and why we chose this particular Porsche.

Why this 911?

We evaluated many Porsches, including 996 GT3 cup cars.   In the end, after many long and enjoyable discussions with our mechanical team at Cavaco Motors, we decided an air cooled 911 would offer the purest experience for our guests, as well as giving us an opportunity to enter historic and targa events (it's a tough gig but you've got to do what you've got to do).  The hunt began and, as anyone who's been looking for an air cooled 911 will tell you, it's wasn't easy finding a suitable example.  Our shopping list looked like this:

Air cooled

Left Hand Drive (for the purest expression of a 911)

Straight chassis

A new engine or no engine

Stripped or ready to be stripped

Cage & harness

NOT a concours queen (as it would soon lose that title...)

Colourful (oh we're so tired of seeing grey, charcoal, black, silver 911's - make it bright, make it happy!).

In good enough condition that it wouldn't be embarrassed amongst the rest of our Porsche fleet but...not so good that we'd turn to tears at the first track session stone chip.

We saw some interesting Porsches & discovered what was true 12 years ago, when searching for our first 911, is still true today.  There are far more questionable examples on the market than good examples - and if you're looking at Porsches that are 35+ years old there's a good chance that they've had a bad owner somewhere in their history.

We came close to buying this...and there's a good 911 under this trying to break out.... but we couldn't quite take the leap (and necessary months of work) to bring it back...

Close, close but not quite there.......... so instead we settled on.......



Specs/ interesting  features include:

- 1978 Porsche 911 SC, LHD out of Kanagawa (we'll track down the full story when we get some spare time)

- Recently rebuilt engine and gearbox with short shift kit

- Massive exhaust (now for sale.....) 

- Nice roll cage, which is staying

- Great sound system (now removed) and speakers (also removed)

- 1060kg with an aim to get it as close to 1000kg as possible

- 5 Point harnesses (now replaced with 6 point harnesses)

- Some very high end suspension and geometry work resulting in a 911 that handles like no other early 911 we've ever driven.  End result being that after 1200kms we are just...just... getting to grips with it..

- Some very JDM rims....which we initially had on the 'to do' list but now we've kind of warmed to them. They're part of the car's history and, to be perfectly honest, the fuchs alternative, while nice, are everywhere, including on our 77 Carrera 3.0.  Time for something different

- Hardware for a front mounted oil cooler....but no oil cooler

- Hardware for brake ducts....without ducting....

- A feeling that it's very much a mixture of 'go fast' and 'show fast' at the moment but without too many massive alterations should be a very good thing indeed.  Immediate action includes a new set of Toyo rubber, removal of sound system and a set of racing headers being fabricated in the US (no more heater....).


With our first track excursion booked in for October we're busy racking up the kms and trying to build a relationship with this very special 911 The immediate aims are Bathurst next year,   Targa High country  followed by classic Adelaide and Targa Tas.  If we can get to Targa Tas within 5 years we'll be happy & there's a lot of fun to be had between now & then.

In the meantime - if you've been out for a drive with us in our road fleet of Porsches and would like to drive either 30 or 50 laps at Wakefield in this 911 with a race instructor....give us a call.  We love any excuse to get down there :)