Welcome to our new website

This marks the beginning of our new website, incorporating our syndicate offerings and bespoke tours.  We'll be using this section to post news about upcoming events and experiences we've just enjoyed.

For the moment, I'll foreshadow a couple of large upcoming events:

(a) The launch of our first Porsche Syndicate

(b) The launch of our 'driver' program, where selected clients are invited back for private drives, which then enable them to experience our dedicated track Porsche in its natural environment

(c) Rennsport 2016 - this will be an absolutely enormous event, which we'll be attending.  Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements


There will be several other tours to historic and motor racing events that we'll be offering to selected drive day clients throughout the year, typically at iconic locations (Bathurst, Philip Island, The Hunter).  It's certainly shaping up to be a big 2016!



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