Synergy - the tale of a Porsche 911 and a racetrack

If you've been following us for the last few months you'll know we recently acquired a 911 with the intention of setting it up as a track car.  While Porsche build some of the most track ready vehicles in the world, if you were to take a road setup 911 on a track you'd find that the tyres, suspension, seating and brakes would likely show their limitations after some time.  Naturally you'd be able to turn many more laps than other makes before this became apparent, but the reality is that a road setup is different to a track setup (GT2,3,4 aside) and there are inevitable compromises when you take a car made for one purpose and use it for another.

If you take the opposite approach and spec a 911 purely for the track, you'll find that it's borderline painful on extended road drives but entirely at home circulating for a day.  After our recent trip to Wakefield I'm happy to report that with three drivers taking advantage of pretty much every session available we were able to squeeze out somewhere between 70 & 100 laps over the course of the day (we were having too much fun to count accurately).

When our 911 came in on the last lap it felt just as fresh as the first.  No warning lights blinking away and killing the fun (m4 and m5 raise your hands), no overheated brakes (sub 1100kg weight), grip levels perfect and drivers/instructors ( hopping out most comfortable having been secured properly.  Oil use?   Nil.  Engine temps - perfect and stable.  Coolant & radiator temps - none to worry about.  The end conclusion is that we can happily take our 911 and run around all day, knowing that's exactly what it was made for.  Time to wash, swap fluids and consider it prepped for the next track day on 2nd December.  Synergy.


2016 track days now available - book early to avoid dissapointment.