do you have a bond?

Yes, when our cars are in use we offer a bond of $5000.  Any damage to our vehicles will be deducted from this bond.  In two years of commercial operation we'd not had cause to use this once.  We'd like to keep it that way - the vehicles are just too pretty to damage.

how many seats?

Although some of our vehicles are categorised as 2 + 2, you can think of them as 2 seaters.  Our Porsche Cayenne has 5 seats.


We enjoy both and we assume you do too.  We tend to think that alcohol and vehicles are not the best of partners so we ask drivers to abstain.  Passengers are free to enjoy their chosen refreshment on the day.

I'd like to drive a porsche fast - should I call you?

We're strong believers in driving Porsches fast on the track. If you wish to drive a Porsche 911 on a track, we'd be happy to do that with you.  We have a purpose built Porsche 911’s that we utilise for track days and personal pleasure.

I'd like to read the fine print

By all means, visit us and read a copy of our terms in advance of your big day.  We're happy to discuss the finer points with you.

I have a wedding/ formal event/birthday/proposal - do you cater for these?

Yes - we're happy to hire our Porsches for these events.  In fact it's rare for anyone to join us who's not celebrating a special occasion.

how does your pricing work?

You're essentially paying us for our time and expenses on the day, whether it be meals, drinks or location permits.  We're in it for the pleasure of sharing this indulgence and a pleasure it certainly is.  If you'd like one of our classics on the other side of the city for a particular purpose, call us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

can i swap a voucher for a different experience

Yes - all our vouchers may be used for any of the experiences we offer. If you have received a voucher for a road drive and wish to participate in a track day we are happy to facilitate that swap. Similarly, if you are purchasing a gift for someone, rest assured that they will be able to use that voucher for any of our experiences that they wish to enjoy.

can i get a refund?

If you're unable to attend (or the weather is unfavorable) we are happy to issue an open ended voucher which may also be transfered to another party if you wish.  We do not issue refunds given a booking may often exclude another party from attending.

Can we hire one of your cars to go off by ourselves for the day?

If your drive one of our Porsches, we'll act as your lead on either our standard routes (we've handpicked the roads to give you the best opportunity to experience a Porsche in its intended environment) or on a custom trip of your choosing.  We must act as a lead car at all times.  There are obvious benefits (both to us and you) on us taking this lead role.