Our Clients' Reviews

“I was looking for a different kind of birthday gift for my partner, and luckily ran into this experience. Loved every bit of it, from the moment Gavin emailed me back, I just knew this is going to be amazing, and didn't have to worry about a single thing. I even got to pick a car for us! The scenery is amazing, and have no words to describe the cars. We are definitely coming back for more, and soon.
Thanks Gavin for the hospitality and for making my partner so happy!
See you soon!” - Rose

“What a great day in an early air cooled 911. My wife got this for me for Christmas, and I absolutely loved it. The car I dove ('67 2.7l 911 'Outlaw') was fantastic, really brought back the enjoyment of driving for me. Gavin was a great guide, very friendly and down to earth with a clear love for the marque. Lunch was in a great spot and the chosen route was perfect for such a great car. I am still buzzing! What a blast. Thank-you so much.”

“What a fantastic opportunity to drive a 40 year old 911 at full noise around race track. After completing a compulsory (and in hindsight really really useful) familiarization session on the road, it was off to "Wakie" 2 days later for 60 laps. The car was beautifully set up and even though left hand drive, easy enough to drive that some respectable lap times were possible. Outside open wheel race cars, its rare to drive a car that is so well connected to the road and that provides such direct feedback to the driver. Highly recommended for anyone from a Porsche lover with no track experience, through to more experienced drivers looking for something challenging and different.” - Peter Paddon, 3-time Radical Australia Cup champion

"Absolutely brilliant in every way!  Cars were magic, the drive we went on was perfect to get a feel for the cars and Gavin runs it perfectly.  An unforgettable experience, will definitely be back to do it again" - Matt

"I went on an all day tour in the most exciting cars I have ever driven, I wasn't expecting it to be such an awesome experience, but it was that and more! the cars were immaculate, it was a fun group of people, the route we traveled was spectacular and well thought out to make the driving experience the best I have had!  I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you are not a car enthusiast"

"Excellent service, great cars, best experience! Thanks Gavin and Matt" - Andrea

"Best. Day. Ever"  

"Gavin was very organised and a great host. Truly one fabulously exciting day!"

"My wife and I recently experienced a day driving various Porsche Carreras around the Helensburgh_Wollongong area. The cars were brilliant, in pristine condition and were a joy to drive. The highlight was driving up Macqurie Pass in the all wheel drive model. I couldn't believe how well it held the road. Morning and afternoon teas were provided as well as a lovely lunch at Robertson. Not only scenic but a real adrenalin rush and great value." - John

"We did the all day Porsche drive. Had a blast. Cannot speak more highly of it. Very well thought out set up and very professionally run by Gavin. Great selection of well presented cars, superb route to really give the cars a good workout...while also taking in beautiful country, top cafés for coffees/cakes and for lunch. It's clear that Gavin is focused on making sure you have a great day and that an enthusiast goes home having had an 'enthusiastic experience' of the cars. Well done! "

"I received a full day tour as a Birthday gift and initially thought, oh yea should be a little fun....well was I surprised, it was fantastic! The cars were awesome, it was a really fun group, the route we traveled was spectacular, well thought out to make the most of the cars, and Gavin was an organised relaxed host and great fun to be with. It was truly one of the best days I have had in long time! I can't recommend it highly enough." - Susi

"Gavin is truly passionate about his business and it shows in the way he runs it. The quality of the cars is top notch both in mechanicaland aesthetic condition. He keeps them absolutely humming. Make no mistake too these cars are made to be driven and they are indeed driven! Gavin goes to great lengths to make people feel comfortable as well as ensuring they also have fun! The experience is flawless. Keep up the good work mate. I will be back :)" - Dan

"We'll be back - still thinking about THAT day" - Alan

"What an amazing day ! Gavin is so professional, knowledgeable and a genuine enthusiast with a passion for Porsches and for pleasing his clients. He couldn't do enough for us and was completely committed to ensuring we had the best time, which we certainly did. A brilliant day with great company, outstanding driving machines and great weather... what more could anyone ask for ? Thank you, Gavin and Shaun, you made our experience one we'll never forget. This drive day is unconditionally recommended to anyone with a passion for driving amazing cars in the way their maker intended. Cheers !" - Brett

"Not just happy, but ecstatic. What an amazing experience."

"I can assure you that the thanks are all ours !!!!"

"Your cars are outstanding , the roads out of this world , food excellent & the experience , well all I can say is we WILL be back !!!!!"

"I’ve been lucky enough to do a bit of this stuff over the years, and today’s jaunt ranks right up there; with beautifully chosen and prepared cars, excellent company, and some of the most incredible roads that I’ve ever driven, Cliff to Coast is definitely something that a genuine enthusiast should try once. Or maybe even twice…"  -  Tim Robson (Motoring Journalist)

"Melissa and I had the BEST day, father & daughter have had for many a year, great bonding session, both petrol heads.  We will be back for the full day for mutual xmas presents, no choice!!!" - Alan

"What a great day, even if you are not a Porsche Fan boy, you'll love this. When i did it I had a blast. Gavin was super friendly and highly passionate, encouraging you to 'enjoy' the cars.   Would i do this again?, Hell yes!! A awesome gift." - Steve

"Driving Porches was best part of our holiday. Amazing experience." - Vishaka

"My wife surprised me with a seacliff bridge blast today for my birthday.....WOW what an experience! A fine example of quality German engineering. I used to like Porsches, now I love them! And Gavin is a great host, thanks for a great afternoon!" - Jason

"Truly an amazing day. The cars, the roads, the food, the host and again, the cars. I had been dreaming about 911's since I was a kid. This day was a tipping point so much so that 12 weeks later, I own one. Thanks again Gavin." - Adam

"Being a huge Porsche fan my whole life getting this as a birthday gift filled me with loads of anticipation. My expectations were high and when we arrived and that garage door opened to reveal the joyful machines we were about to experience I quickly signed my life away on a $10,000 at fault damage excess.  Gavin is a true enthusiast and a professional host and thoroughly encourages the sort of spirited driving that befits a Porsche.  His overview of his fleet kicks off the day and boy has he selected wisely. The 993 triptronic is a true modern classic. The 996 C4S manual inspires confidence in the bends and the 997 C2S is scary quick. Where the limits are on this car is not something I was to discover on this day. Guess I will have to go back for more. 
Do it. Do it now." - Adz

"My wife and I had a Great day with Gavin. The cars were perfectly selected with low Klms and pristine condition. The day started out a little bit wet after having morning tea and more than an hours drive Gavin said we could end the day and come back for another full day free of charge. He had already picked us up from the city and was going to return us. Exceptional customer service and a very genuine man. We decided to press on and what an amazing day. Gavin took us to several fine restaurants which was all paid for. The day was great and the driving was better I will be back soon with my brother." - Murphy

"I did the full day tour with Gavin and cannot recommend his tour highly enough. 
The roads Gavin has chosen for this tour would have to be some of the greatest and most scenic driving roads in the country. I would have to agree with the other comment about driving up Macquarie pass as being one of my many highlights, the power, cornering and acceleration of these cars through the corners is real seat of your pants stuff!
I think what really makes the experience is Gavin’s attitude towards the cars, they are meticulously maintained high performance sports cars and warrant some spirited driving which is encouraged to bring out their best.
Highly recommend this experience! I will be back." - David

Thankyou for a really great day. Both Mark and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Loved the cars and we both appreciated your efforts which made our day really special. We would both highly recommend Cliff to Coast to anyone wanting a truly memorable gift. - Ruth



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