Why Classic Porsches?


Why drive a classic Porsche?  This, from our friend Andreas, says it all...

We've  had the fortunate pleasure of driving many wonderful Porsches over the last 10 years.  There's no getting away from the fact that the traditional air cooled Porsches offer an incredible feel, like no other, including the modern breed of 911.  Classic Porsches are raw, filled with character, entirely analogue and enjoyable at real world speeds.   They are, simply, more fun.   Modern Porsches are incredibly accomplished, extremely quick and also somewhat bland (to us) at real world speeds......so we ditched the modern Porsches - they're just not for us (with the exception of track cars - a stripped out modern Porsche is indeed fantastic fun on the track).

Our historic fleet consists of a variety of hand picked vehicles, with an almost exclusive focus on the iconic Porsche 911 Carrera.    Each air cooled product of Porsche has been set up to ensure a unique experience for both driver and passenger alike.  Each of our cars represents what we believe is 'the best of its type'.  They are our vehicles and we know them well - meaning we're able to help you choose the best/most appropriate vehicles for your special day, depending on your desires.  

We feel that everyone should experience the sound and thrill of a classic air cooled Porsche 911 at least once in their life - it's a sensation like no other.  

1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0

This is the Porsche that inspired the business years ago.  Raw, noisy, direct and a Porsche that needs to be driven with a soft touch and a respectful hand.  Some 40 years after it rolled off the Zuffenhausen production line, it's easy to see why it was such a hit - the last of the traditional Carreras.  We've enjoyed this vehicle on dawn blasts, coastal cruises and extended trips away.  It's always thrilled and the depth of character shows just the right amount of attitude and 'push back'.  Featuring a 3 litre engine and a targa roof, it's a Porsche that allows you to be the centre of the action.  Having owned this car for 17 years we can say it’s a great 70’s driving experience.

Our 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0

Our 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0


993 series Porsche 911 Carrera

The 993 series is the last of the handmade air cooled Porsche 911 Carreras, earning a cult like following among collectors and driving enthusiasts alike.  This Porsche Carrera feels like it’s carved from a solid piece of granite with that amazing air cooled sound and a really traditional 911 feel in terms of the engine located way out the back, helping to push out of the corners.  Being the last of the 993 series it has  varioram engine (at 3.6 litres) giving a sparkling top end.  This fine Porsche is nut and bolt original and was previously held in a  private collection in Adelaide making it very much a collectors treat.  It has a tiptronic gear box meaning you can leave it in ‘drive’ and cruise or you can select manual mode (which gives it a more aggressive throttle mapping) and punt it along a little more enthusiastically.  Being the most modern of the air cooled Porsches, this 911 also features air conditioning!  The rest of our air cooled fleet have windows... 

993 Porsche 911 Carrera

993 Porsche 911 Carrera

1967 Porsche outlaw

'Outlaw' is a word we almost cringe to use but cafe racer is taken by the bike community so it will have to do.  This Porsche started life in 1967 as a 912 before undergoing a club sprint spec. restoration.  It now features a warmed over 2.7 litre engine, lsd, twin carbies, 5 speed manual box and has been put on a very serious diet to get it down to about 940kg.  Light, nimble, noisy and the epitome of 60's style - this longhood Porsche ticks all the boxes for us.  Oh - and it's tangerine orange with houndstooth buckets....classic.

1967 Porsche Outlaw



This is the most aggressive addition to our fleet and marks the beginning of our track day program.  This vehicle is, we believe, a perfect introduction to Porsche motorsport.  Our 1978 is a left hand drive (as they were intended from the factory) stripped and lightened vehicle featuring just the metal work and two Recaro race seats with harnesses only.  There is no air conditioning, no carpet, no sound system (other than the 6 cylinders behind) and nothing to dilute the senses.  Featuring a 3 litre engine, gearbox and steering wheel, the driver gets to experience the pure essence of Porsche 911.  Not for the faint hearted - a raucous and thrilling ride.  

1978 911 lightweight

1978 911 lightweight

PORSCHE 928 Ex Production Cup/Porsche Cup 

We've long tickled with the idea of adding an early 928 to the stable but most seemed too 'unhurried' in their driving sensations.  Not this beast - 15 to 20 years of development as a Porsche Cup/Production Cup car & now in semi retirement with us as a club level car. Featuring 5 litres of highly tuned bent 8, just a touch of carpet and exhaust (recently added to make it tolerable on the road) and pretty much nothing else.  This is a bad attitude car, more at home on a circuit than the road, which will generally be our lead car on tours - ask for a drive if you're up for it.


porsche 928 prod cup car

Porsche 911 carrera (997 series race spec)

Our latest purchase offers our clients a chance to sample serious Porsche pace on a track. It is a modern car with standard gearbox and clutch so it offers an arrive and drive experience. With cup spec body panels, gt3 suspension and brakes and a warmed over engine this Porsche 911 Carrera delivers thrills like no other in our fleet - it is genuinely fast and as raw as a modern Porsche can be.

997 Carrera


1955 Type 1 VW Beetle

We stumbled across this beetle when we were looking for a 912.  In a warehouse full of interesting machines this stood out head and shoulders above the rest.  Original sheet metal, lightly restored and featured in a magazine in 2000 and pampered since it was simply too perfect to not get and it provides a beautiful heritage snapshot of a bygone era.  Being the first production car that Porsche designed we simply couldn't say no and it's a time warp insight into how the motoring world used to be.  Featuring a range of Porsche 356 parts for a mild lift in performance and attitude this bug is our current favourite amongst the fleet.  At anything up to about 100km/hr it simply has more fun and attitude to offer (scary lift off oversteer at 30km/hr onwards included) than any of our Porsches.  One gauge (speed), four forward gears, a beautiful note and perfect paint/trim make it an ideal cruising/picnic car with a purity that just can't be matched.  If you choose to enjoy one of our Porsches on a coffee cruise, you'll likely find me driving this - it's that perfect.

1955 Type 1 Volkswagen

1955 Type 1 Volkswagen


porsche cayenne

Ok - this is certainly not a sports car and generally not a car used on our tours.  However, should you have family members that wish to join you on your special day, our Porsche Cayenne 4WD provides a wonderful cruising experience with panoramic views and a gentle ride - one of the worlds best mile eaters!  Being very much not a sports car, we were ready to dislike this car but have since fallen in love with it - It's such a pleasant way to cruise through the countryside.  After spending an hour or two in a raucous track spec. 911, it's a delight to sink into comfortable seats with the air con blasting in your face and tunes humming in the background.

Each of the above vehicles represent a very different take on the Ferdinand Porsche theme.  Most of our clients ask as which is our favourite and we enjoy posing exactly the same question at the days end and watching them struggle (as we do) for a clear winner.  What we can say is that each of our fleet of Porsches are uniquely and entirely fit for their purpose.



In keeping with our classic vehicle passion, a hat tip to our hard working transport vehicle is deserved.  Enter the last of the Landrover Defenders, track support vehicle, tow vehicle and general 'dirty work' steed - truly fit for its purpose. Perhaps not surprisingly, it seems many of our clients share our passion for both Porsches and Defenders….



coming soon

  • Porsche Boxster . (I just miss our last Boxster too much...time to get another)

  • Landrover 101 (both the most practical and useless vehicle, all at the same time. We love it).

Why do we love the classics?

Day to day modern cars are so very efficient....and ultimately boring.  Unfortunately modern sports cars, while devastatingly fast, just cannot offer as much involvement given their weight, size and safety features.  So....we like classic Porsches in particular and classic vehicles in general.   Here are articles from a bunch of people who feel much the same thing.

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What if, at just the right time, just the right people, made just the right thing - Jerry Seinfeld 

In any case, if you're into the new Porsche stuff - that's cool, there's a stack of them out there and they're more fun to drive than pretty much any other modern car.  If you prefer the traditional thrill of driving a hand crafted historic Porsche - then you have found the right place.



1967 Karmann Ghia - pure, beautiful & ultimately not for us seemingly too slow for a sports car yet with pretensions beyond cruising.

987 Porsche Boxster (2.7) - our favourite out of the modern fleet, closer in philosophy to the air cooled 911's than any modern 911.  We'll be picking up another one of these one day...destined to become a modern classic.  Ok = so this is on the shopping list again.

996 Porsche Carrera 4S - an absolute freight train beast of a Porsche, after quite a bit of fiddling.  Fun, fast & stuck down.

997 Carrera S - the last of the traditional modern 911's (real sound, steering etc), crazy quick and yet very civilized.